RISCO entrevista Kyle Thompson

Estou feliz da vida. Estou mesmo. Quando a gente consegue uma entrevista com um fotógrafo americano famoso, tem que ficar, não?

Postei no RISCO da Obviousmag a entrevista em português. Mas para os curiosos, aqui está na íntegra a entrevista com esse fotógrafo incrível, na sua versão original em inglês. Divirtam-se!


RISCO : Kyle, your work is daring and aggressive. It moves sometimes in spins and other times it burns. Was your mind burning and spinning as well when you created it? Or is it the peace of mind that allows you to create all the confusion we see?

Kyle Thompson: I think that peace of mind allows me to create my concepts. I may often use emotions from moments where my mind was less peaceful, but I find it easier to come up with ideas when my mind is calm.

RISCO: Your work is clearly inspired by surrealism. Is there some artist who inspired you directly to follow this path?

Kyle Thompson: Actually most of the artists who got me into photography weren’t exactly surrealists. Francesca Woodman was my first big inspiration to get into photography, I love the eerie quality to her work.

RISCO: How did you get in touch with photography? How important it is in your life, nowadays?

Kyle Thompson: A little over a year ago, a friend and I started going to abandoned houses with his parents camera, and we would take turns taking photos of the house, each other, etc. I eventually bought my own camera and found it easier to make time to take photos of myself rather than other people. Photography has basically consumed my entire life now. It is pretty much the only thing I do and think about.

RISCO: Best ideas for photos come when you´re dreaming, or when you´re wide-awake?

Kyle Thompson: Usually when I’m awake. I rarely remember my dreams anyways.

RISCO: The scenarios in your photographs are such instigating as the final result. How do you think that the availability of empty and ruined places and also a forest on your surroundings reflect on the new ideas you have?

Kyle Thompson: I think the locations around me play a huge role in the ideas and concepts I use for photos. Sometimes I can see a location and I can instantly think of a concept that would fit it perfectly. I’m sure if I had different surroundings I could find concepts to fit them as well.

RISCO: Is there any different location you would like to shoot in?

Kyle Thompson: I would love to take photos in an abandoned town or city, mountains, the desert. Basically anything that isn’t available where I’m living right now

RISCO: I´d never ask the magician to tell how he pulls the trick. However, some of your images such as the ones you put objects around you on fire are quite shocking. Tell us about it. How is the process of creating those?

Kyle Thompson: I use different tricks in different photos, for one photo, where I had a flaming black cloth around my head, I had to actually make a fake head with paper mache. And I’ve found safe ways to make a large fire that only lasts for a few seconds- just long enough to take the photo

RISCO: As amazing as the action scenes you make, there is also a series of deeply sensitive creations, where the climate is light, and wings, book-pages, red balloons, flying objects and flying people come up. Is there a story behind the scenes? A story you can´t tell in words, but you can tell in pictures?

Kyle Thompson: Yeah, I have different inspiration for each photo. Some photos are entirely inspired by emotions, while others are by stories, or abstract concepts. I love creating surreal, and unusual stories in images that look impossible




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